Estate Sale Process
The following steps occur after your initial phone consultation or email contact with East Tennessee Estate Liquidators, of East Tennessee.

1.    Schedule a face-to-face interview with one of our staff to visit the home or business to discuss what you               would like to sell
2.    With your help we will determine what will be included in the sale. We recommend you identify and perhaps          remove items you, or others in the family, want to keep. If you are unsure, we can help you with this.

3.    We will review our contract terms, commission, and discuss a date or dates for the sale.

4.    If you agree, we’ll sign a contract and request a key to the property in order to prepare for the sale.

5.    We take photos of items to be included in the estate/tag sale for advertising purposes.

6.   East Tennessee Estate Liquidators does all the leg work from this point on.

7.    We advertise to our thousands of buyers on,, CraigsList, Facebook,Our personal Data Base of hundreds who request notification, local newspapers and at no cost to the client; our staff will price, stage and conduct the sale on the agreed date(s).

Once your sale is complete, we will give you a certified check or other means in acordance to out clients wishes within 5-7 business days.  

This is an example of the type of inventory listing of an estate sale. These are the type things that probate lawyers are requesting. We are the only company in the upper East TN area that can provide this.