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Our COVID 19 Procedures

During this most difficult time we at East Tennessee Estate Liquidators (E10EL)  hope and pray you and your families are Safe and Healthy

For the safety of our customers and staff, and to bring a better return of revenue for our clients , we have changed the way that we are doing business for the next little bit. 


we are now accepting sales for after the quarantine which our Governor has decided to start lifting the ban  the first of May. 

we are offering two types of sales, or a combination of both. This will benefit our customers and to try and assure a greater return for your loved ones. 

Option One: We will book your sale and guarantee a reserved spot for as soon as we are allowed to have gathering larger than 10 people.

The house must be vacant for 4 days prior to us entering to work. once we enter no one can return or re-enter he home except for our staff till the sale day.

Once  the quarantine is lifted, we will have the tag sale in the order that we have booked you. In a tag sale each item is priced. This pre booking and working will allow you a more speedy sale as we will be able to have back to back sales once we are released. 

Option Two: we will book your sale as an Online Auction (Similar to Ebay) House must be vacant for 4 days prior to us entering and starting to work. Once we enter the home no one else except our staff is allowed back into the home. We will catalog your items and place them on the  internet.  The sale will be Advertised and allowed to run a week to 10 days. 

Bidding for items will remain open as long as people are actively  bidding. 

Once sale is finished items will be picked up on a designated date.  House will be sweep clean. 

This process of Online Auctions will allow us to have numerous  on going sales.  This procedure will facilitate a faster sale thus allowing your home to be on the market sooner. This type sale will guarantee you a faster sale without having to wait for quarantine in our area to be over. 

We are here to try to make the process of liquidation of a love ones belongs as painless as possible. We appreciate your understand and acceptance of these policy's as long as we are required to maintain them.


Thanks :  Daryl Hinkle and Dwayne Ward

Please fill out the below information and submit for a free consultation and scheduling of your sale. 

You may  call 423-967-9494 or 423-483-8227 to speak to one of use in confidentiality 


Contact Us

Thanks for submitting! Please allow 24 hours for a response due to higher than usual responds.

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